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How to Mix and Match Vintage Into Your Wardrobe

 Have you ever looked at someone dressed in vintage clothing and thought, ‘that’s cute, but I could never wear it’?

Allow us to open your eyes to some ways to mix and match retro clothing into your wardrobe that are easy enough to suit any style.

Take this 1960’s Sebastian three-piece, pure wool, knitted women’s suit in a fun pop of coral red. If you take each piece of this 1960’s outfit as a separate on its own, you have numerous wardrobe choices!

 Look One - Day to Night

Lets start with this fun and flirty look! We took the formality out of the jacket by styling it with a casual crop top T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The belt is borrowed from the suit and provides the perfect matching accessory to tie the look together.

Accessory idea: For extra fun, try adding an oversized vintage bag and some layered jewelry. This gold locket and vintage bracelet complement the gold buttons on the jacket.  

 Look Two - Work Look

Don’t you hate it when you’re getting ready for work and feel you’re just wearing the same ol’ thing? The skirt can add a fun retro feel to your boring office wardrobe by styling it with your typical button down. Your coworkers will wonder why you have a little extra swing in your step!

Accessory idea: To add an extra pop of color to brighten your long workday, add some vintage shoes in an unexpected shade of green and a vintage handbag for an extra bit of pizzazz.

 Look Three - Night Out

If you love the nightlife, you can also easily take these separates from office to evening look with a quick change in the ladies room into a sweet blouse, perfect for date nights or heading out on the town with friends. Maybe even try this vintage reproduction top to dip a little deeper into the vintage feel without going all out.

Accessory idea: Kick off those practical work shoes and slip into some fun vintage heels in a shimmering gold tone. Match them with a vintage gold clutch bag, and you’ll catch those glittering city lights everywhere you go!

 Look Four - Casual Fun

The top of this vintage suit can be paired with some casual skinny jeans or high waisted leggings for a relaxed weekend look. You can also try it with a reproduction skirt in a solid or pop of pattern for another work look that’s professional but still has a hint of fun vintage originality.

Accessory idea: A large brimmed hat and unique vintage pin give the outfit a totally unique charm. Grab an oversized vintage handbag, and you’ll have everything you need for the day.

 Look Five - ALL Vintage

When you’re feeling ready to dive into the deep end of vintage, this set can be worn together for a complete vintage look that can work for day or evening wear.

Accessory idea: Pair the suit with matching vintage gold heels and a vintage clutch bag to take it into a more dressy evening look that looks professional, polished and stylish.


All the items (vintage, reproduction and accessories) pictured above are available in The Hop Shop!

If you’re still not sure about what vintage clothing pieces would work for you and you live in the Longmont, Colorado area, The Hop offers personal styling sessions.

We’ll get to know your style and size and pull some pieces for you to try and offer suggestions for different ways to wear it. You’ll have a custom look designed just for you! To make an appointment, contact us here.

So if you love the look of vintage, go forth and try it. Even if you start small with just a handbag or some shoes, you’ll have a unique look. We guarantee compliments will follow!

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